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YORZ. The Marketplace that Values Receipt Data. YORZ stands out as a dynamic platform that transforms receipt data into valuable insights. It's a dual-faceted marketplace catering to both individuals and businesses. Individuals get the power to oversee and discover insights from their own purchase data. 
On the flip side, businesses tap into this wealth of data for in-depth market research and targeted marketing, all accessible via YORZ's cutting-edge API and online portal. YORZ is more than just a data hub; it's an empowerment tool for consumers, offering a secure way to handle their purchase information and the opportunity to monetize it by selectively sharing it with businesses. For the business world, YORZ is a gateway to unparalleled data on consumer purchases, paving the way for refined product strategies and market analysis.


YORZ facilitates consumers to regain control of their receipt data. In addition, YORZ enables consumers to benefit from their data by allowing retailers and corporates to access their data using an explicit consumer consent mechanism.

YORZ - Corporate (DATA BUYER)

Through the YORZ Webportal and/or data API, corporates can access the unique first hand consumer receipt data (on SKU level). Discover the true value of this dataset during a product demo!

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Your Data. Your Benefits!
YORZ enables you to truly regain control of your (receipt) data and manage it in your personal, secured APP. In addition, YORZ enables you to generate data benefits by allowing retailers and corporates to access your data. Of course only with your explicit consent.

YORZ. The marketplace that values your data!
  • Join the data revolution!
  • Control of your data!
  • Monetize your data!
  • Share on consent.

YORZ provides you with the tools to regain control of your (receipt) data and store it fully secured – with complete transparency on how the data is used and by whom. Besides the control of your data, you can monitize your data by providing explicit consent to share it with 3rd parties.

Access unique receipt data!

Get insights into product-, category-, market- and store performance. YORZ provides data driven (marketing) organizations with rich consumer (purchase) data, accessible by our Webportal and/or API.

Benefits include:
  • Access to an unique and richer consumer (receipt) data sets.
  • Access to actionable consumer insights and intelligence.
  • Powerful Campaign Builder using the POS data in combination with consented data from consumers, generating increased ROI.
  • Implementation of highly impactful customer-driven strategies, built on direct access to consented consumer data.


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