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Every day, consumers become more and more aware of how their data is used by organizations without their consent. Powered by the recently implemented GDPR legislation, consumers are becoming aware of the fact that their data is extremely valuable. Because consumers do not have tools nor knowledge to reclaim their data, they are not able to share in the data profits of  Big Tech companies.

Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
In general SMEs have limited tools to gather and manage consumer purchase data in order to optimize consumer acquisition and retention.
SME’s lose customers directly and/or are forced to sell their products and services via large online platforms. Either way they are losing the valuable connection and relationship with the customer.

Even major corporates such as Unilever, P&G, Nielsen and numerous manufacturers and brands have little to no access to first hand consumer purchase (SKU) data, meaning they struggle to get insights on up to date customer behavior – when, where and what they purchased. 

  • YORZ facilitates consumers to truly regain control of their receipt data and manage it in their personal, secured data vault. In addition, YORZ enables consumers to generate data benefits by allowing retailers and corporates to access their data using an explicit consumer consent mechanism.

  • YORZ provides SMEs with a tool, the YORZ Webportal, to gain insights of consumer purchase behavior. These insights can be used to re-establish the consumer relationship as well as to optimize consumer acquisition.

  • YORZ offers corporates access to unique datasets based on first hand receipts data including SKUs. The access to this unique dataset can be  either through a Webportal and/or API.

Want better consumer and product insights?

If you are working within the FMCG and/or consumer data research domain and face challenges with the new consumer data regulations, we can help!

Our Team

Ger Rottink
Founder, with a proven track-record of 2 decades in the Mobile Banking and Payment Industry.  Co-Founder of the PINLINQ group of Companies (now Sepay - POS Payment Terminals) and Founder of the Zmazz Mobile Payment Platform.
Gerben Klop
Operations and Strategy Officer
Former CEO of Tessa (Unilever), a data driven marketing platform based on user insights gained from receipt data. Strong background in delivering innovative (digital) products and services in ICT, E-Commerce and (multi side) platform related services.
Jeroen Cevaal
Product Owner
Co-Founder & CEO of Polytential, a spin-off of Delft University of Technology that enables data-driven plastic recycling using an AI-based quality analysis system. Passionate about translating technology into business using a hands-on and lean approach.
Igor Najdov 
Country Manager MK
A field-tested business development strategist with an extensive record of acquisitions, developments which penetrated markets, saved costs, produced profits and made customers’ lives easier.
Dimitar Mickov
Head of Engineering
Research & development engineer with 15+ years of experience working mainly in telecom and aviation industry, former CEO & Co-Founder of Zokla (home automation system).
Koce Petrov
Tech Officer
Software Architect with 25+ years of experience in designing Business Intelligence Solutions, managing IT projects in different environments. An effective team player and leader possessing exceptional communication and organizational skills.
Marija Nikolovska
Business Developer MK
Business Development specialist with background experience as a tax controller and helped with establishing good B2C communication channels .
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