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YORZ - General

We are a Dutch company on a mission to restore the data balance between consumers and big tech companies.
Personal data is your data. Only you should be in control of this data. This is currently not the case. Companies are selling your data without you receiving any of this benefits (money). We feel this should change. 

YORZ develops tools and instruments for you as consumers to (re)claim your data and get in control. Now that you are in control, you can decide whether to share your data or not.

Once you have downloaded the app and completed the registration process, you receive your unique YORZ (bar/QR) code. This code is needed to start claiming your data. When you present this YORZ code during the purchase process in your favorite store, the receipt data is attached to your account (claimed data) and saved in your personal data vault. Within the YORZ app you will find the right management tools, including the option to  share your data with companies in order to receive the related benefits.

Receipt data, also referred to as purchase data, is all data represented on a specific receipt. It includes a wealth of information, such as the products you've bought and the location in which you bought it. If you are curious about all the information that is captured on a receipt, feel free to reach out to us on:

Personal data is any piece of information that can be related back or associated to you. For example, healthcare data, social media data, car/insurance data or any other data-tracked activities in which the information can be directly linked to you. Personal data includes data such as your name, home address, email, identification card number, telephone number, location data, cookie ID, IP address, etc. In Europe, personal data (privacy) is legislated and management by GDPR regulations. For more information about GDPR: Read more.

YORZ - User

We expect to have the YORZ app ready by the end of summer '22. At that moment, you will be able to download it from your app store. Once you are a registered YORZ user, you can start claiming your data by presenting your unique barcode at the cash register of your favorite store.

For you to claim your data, we need to make sure that you are you! Only this way we can guarantee that only you has access to your personal receipt data. As a registered user, you are able to share your data for which in return you receive a monetary compensation.

We store your personal receipt data in an GDPR compliant personal vault. Only you can access this vault! The moment you decide to share all or a part of your data, you receive benefits. These benefits include, and are not limited to, invitations to product innovations, cash rewards, early bird discounts etc. 

You are in full control who has access to your data. In the YORZ App, you decide which companies can access (part of) your data. You know at all times who has access to your data. You are able to withdraw access at all times. It's your data, you are in control!

YORZ - Business

Currently YORZ is conducting a pilot in North Macedonia. Phase 1 focusses on anonymous purchase data on SKU level. The anonymous data can be used for product- and store-performance insights and -optimization. The current data model consists of about 40 data attributes. For an overview of our anonymous data model (JSON format), please see here

As of summer '22, we will start rolling out the YORZ app and therefore be able to start obtaining identified data. The complete set of identifiable personal data attributes is still to be determined.

We are currently conducting a pilot in North Macedonia, allowing the validation of technical and market assumptions. This pilot has a 2 phase approach: First, we focus on onboarding merchants (obtaining anonymous purchase data). Secondly, we will onboard users (consumers) to start obtaining identified/claimed purchase data.

We will provide access in two different ways. You can get access via our Web-portal and/or through direct API integration which can be integrated with your Data Management Platform (DMP).